About me

My name is Amanda Carpede and I am a mom, wife, entrepreneur and lover of life! In 2013 I cut off all my hair to prove to my daughter that all hair is beautiful. That was the beginning of my journey to self-love and authentic beauty. Because of this I developed my blog with the purpose of educating, motivating and supporting others.

I consider myself to be an amateur food and wine connoisseur. I enjoy delicious,healthy foods and I have a matching palate for good wines.

When I am not busy creating content, you’ll probably find me reading a book somewhere. I aspire to write my own novel one of these days – Watch this space!

A favourite quote I try to live by is: “Youth has no age” –Pablo Picasso. I am always keen to push style boundaries. Being an over 40 (and fabulous) blogger, newlywed and mom of a teenage daughter, I relish in exploring and discovering beautiful new places with my small family, and creating memories along the way. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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