S.A. Naturalista News #1

The year before I returned to natural I did a lot of research and discovered a whole new world. It saddened me a little bit that most of it came straight out of the United States though. No disrespect to our American naturalistasistas, ya’ll have helped me so much in my journey. You lead the way for many of us! But I needed some local South African flavour that I could relate to, chat with. Women who were as enlightened as I was. Brands who understood. I could hardly find any. 

Almost three years later and I am stoked at what I am discovering. Natural hair meet-ups, photoshoots, discussions, and even some fantastic Facebook groups. YAY!!!

Rockin Natural photoshoot #TeamNaturalSA

These are a few more things making headlines in the SA naturalista world:

1. The rise of South African hair brands such as Afrobotanics, Rockin Naturals, Earthy and Silk Helmet Lady (who is creating a silk lined beanie for winter – more of that later. Double     YAY! ) Have you tried any of these yet?

Silk Helmet Lady

2. South African natural hair bloggers – I salute you my sistas, keep inspiring others to return to natural. 

    But what really gets me super excited however is…

3. The Noir Beauty Box! Could we all just take a moment with to do this happy dance with Solange and give MzansiFro the biggest high five for starting this box!!! 

The Noir Box is a monthly subscription box which consists of about 5 natural hair products. Each box is designed especially for you. Subscription costs R280 and this includes delivery. Products could include Aunt Jackies, ORS Curls Unleashed, Nubian Nature and Design Essentials – to name but a few. For more info you can contact Isabel via her FB page

The Noir Box is on my to-do list for May. I will keep you posted about the experience. Have you tried it yet?  

Way to go SA! Keep growing, keep glowing and 

Stay Gold,


Amanda Carpede

Happily blogging since 2013. I am a natural hair enthusiast who lives in the Mother City with my husband and daughter. Cape Town Curly is about my personal journey towards self love and living an authentic life. I believe in the power of sharing knowledge – when one grows, we all grow.

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  1. 05/08/2015 / 13:42

    Wow Mandy….you have me in tears THANK YOU so much for the support, it means so much to me. I appreciate you

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