February Style Challenge – Day 4

The past few hours have been so crazy I almost forgot to post today’s style. It’s a variation of yesterday’s look but on a fresh co-wash n go hair… and with tighter twists and a higher ponytail. I have been weening myself off big hair during the week because there is nothing I love more than letting it all out. I am seriously trying to up my protective styling game before winter comes. Because winter is coming (hehehe). This is also a great way to stretch my hair for tomorrow’s look. Herewith, today’s look: 

Since tomorrow is #FroFriday, guess how I’ll be wearing my hair? Tag me on instagram if you’ll be joining me (@themandyex). As always…

Stay Gold, 

Amanda Carpede

Happily blogging since 2013. I am a natural hair enthusiast who lives in the Mother City with my husband and daughter. Cape Town Curly is about my personal journey towards self love and living an authentic life. I believe in the power of sharing knowledge – when one grows, we all grow.

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